Aliant Suomi: law firm attracted by Aviapolis and the upbeat atmosphere of WTC Helsinki Airport

Aviapolis, Ruoholahti or Keilaniemi? There were three alternative locations in Finland for the law office Aliant which specialises in international contract- and business law. The company preferred the airport to the city centre, since it offers better conditions for international business activity.

With operations in ten different countries around the world, the law firm Aliant moved its office in Finland to WTC Helsinki Airport in January. They had considered moving to a location outside Helsinki city centre for some time already. As a long-term goal the company wanted to move to a place where the business happens.

– We were considering three different places, and the closer we explored the potential sites, the more attracted we became by Aviapolis. At present, Aviapolis is absolutely the largest and strongest growing business area in Finland, and the authorities are handling their policies to support business quite well. Also the WTC brand has significance to us, Aviant Suomi’s Leading Partner Tuomo Kauttu says.

Aliant Suomi serves both domestic and overseas companies

– We offer individual and quality expert service in different fields of legal practice. We help our domestic clients both at home and abroad and the overseas customers in doing business and making investments in Finland, always depending on the customer’s needs. We have six employees in Finland, but we can serve the customers through the entire Aliant network of partners and, additionally, the IR Global network to which we belong too, he clarifies.

The pieces fit at WTC

The law firm Kauttu & Co. founded by Kauttu merged with the international Aliant in autumn 2017. The company, which had practised law already for two decades, has international companies as its clients. Owing to the merger with Aliant the importance of international operations grew even more, and this was one of the reasons why finding vacant spaces at WTC Helsinki Airport put all the pieces together.

– Placing the office at the airport enabled solving many important details, having an office of our own, the house in its entirety, and Aviapolis as the business cluster of the future.  Lots of our customers already work here in the tech and manufacturing companies, so we wanted to get where the business is at. Our customers from outside the area don’t mind visiting us either, since the threshold of coming here is lower than downtown Helsinki. It’s not only the good connectivity and parking; the atmosphere is what counts, and the airport environment is an inspiration, no matter what you do. As an operating environment it is dynamic in every respect, Tuomo Kauttu confirms.

LAK showed convincing commitment and flexibility

Aliant Suomi has a 185 square metres’ space rented on the seventh floor of WTC. The interiors are classy and modern but simple in a way characteristic of law firms. The views spanning the immediate surroundings are amazing. From the conference room opens the southern wing of the airport building and the Hilton Hotel rises on the right. There is a steady stream of aeroplanes taking off and landing in the airport.

At first Kauttu and his colleagues moved to the office hotel located on the second floor of WTC, since there were no vacant spaces to meet their demands at the time. The lawyer praises the way LAK responded to this.

– In December when our existing lease agreement expired WTC did not have any vacant spaces available yet. Thus, LAK proposed to operate from the office hotel on a temporary basis. However, we already had a common understanding that a suitable space would be found soon. We didn’t exactly have a written agreement on the new office yet when making arrangements for moving, but we had trust in each other. So, we left our Bulevardi office with no permanent arrangement and there were so many open matters. It took a while to have everything sorted out before the spaces were made available. We were fortunate to get ours on the seventh floor, he says.

Tuomo Kauttu wishes to thank LAK for managing the negotiations to meet Aliant’s own way of handling business with the clients.

– We discussed everything in good spirit. We both knew what we were doing and respected each other’s views. It felt like they took the matters seriously and wanted to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement, he summarises.

Office space for rent at the airport

Antti Rauhala