Some places make such an enduring impact that you simply cannot resist returning there. CRM-Service Oy wanted to place their office at WTC Helsinki Airport, since the location, service and views had made such a great impression on the company’s vice president and financial manager who had worked at the WTC for another company many years earlier.

CRM-Service Oy is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM in Finland. It helps companies thrive offering customer-centered CRM solutions and services. Founded in 2007, the company has offices in two cities in Central Finland and, as of the beginning of 2018, also in the metropolitan area, just round the corner from the Helsinki airport.

– Our operations are largely based on a dealer network. Our carefully selected partners build local service for the customers on our business platform both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, in the future also more globally. CRM-Service is used widely by B2B and B2C companies operating in various industries. Our active dealers visit us frequently in Finland or we hop on a flight to visit them. WTC is an optimal business location in many ways. It is fun inviting people over. It is easy both ways. There is certain added value about having an address in a house called the WTC which grows our international credibility, Vice President Turkka Yli-Hakala of CRM-Service says.

Enjoying the airport scenery

Having worked at CRM-Service since the end of 2017, Yli-Hakala knew it from the start that he wanted to have the Helsinki office at the WTC. When enquiring in January 2018 he discovered that there were vacant spaces on floors 2 and 3. However, he and Miia Hjerp, a colleague of his who had just started as the company’s financial manager, had their minds set on the topmost floors of the office tower.

– They were unavailable at that moment, so we finally chose an approximately 130 square metre space on the third floor. At first, there were just the two of us, but we already knew  reinforcements would be necessary at the Helsinki office. Now, six months later, we are already five and more people will be recruited, so we will also be needing more space, Yli-Hakala says.

Yli-Hakala’s colleague Hjerp smilingly confirms that they instantly took the opportunity when they heard later in the spring that the entire sixth floor would become available.

– I must confess having accidentally pushed the lift to the seventh floor because I used to work there before, for my previous employer. That workspace left us with a good feeling. Moving from third to sixth floor sounded like a great idea, although there was nothing wrong with our new spaces either, she grins.

Turkka Yli-Hakala remembers having taken the same “lift of thought”, and the idea of changing floors had occurred to him as well. Thus, the two colleagues asked right away if they could move as soon as the remodelling of the 6th floor would be finished.

– Our quick action paid off – we will move to the new spaces towards the year-end. There will be 180 square metres of space and we still have time to influence the details such as the location of the walls. What is more, we will be enjoying the view with planes taking off and landing behind Terminal 2. It is a relaxing sight that sparks creativity, Yli-Hakala knows.

Sharing the same values: speed, safety, agility

Yli-Hakala and Hjerp both praise the location of the WTC, including the flexible lobby service and friendly personnel both on the property and at LAK’s office. The vice president is happy that LAK’s operations reflect similar brand-specific features to those associated with their company.

– Speed, safety and agility are the arrowheads by which we want our clients to recognise our activity. Having chosen twice the same location we know how smoothly everything works here. Still, the second time our moving in the WTC was handled even more smoothly, which is definitely in line with our own values, Yli-Hakala notes happily.

Yli-Hakala gives one more a good reason why he and Miia Hjerp wanted to come back.

– When leaving the house in 2015 we said goodbye to our lobby receptionist Seija Tikkanen and wished to meet her again. And now we have! Seija is still here, serving us with a smile and a great attitude. It feels like coming home!

Office space for rent at the airport

Antti Rauhala