Tommi Vaisalo, the CEO of property development company LAK Real Estate Oy (LAK), has announced that he will be leaving the company due to personal reasons.

LAK’s Board of Directors has appointed Ilkka Pitkänen, LAK’s Director of Financing and Investments, as the company’s new CEO starting on May 4th, 2021. Pitkänen has extensive experience in financial and business management tasks. His long career in Finland and abroad prior to LAK includes positions at Kone, Metsäliitto, DNA, Firskars and SRV Group. Pitkänen has worked at LAK since February 2021. Before this, he worked as SRV Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Pitkänen has a Master of Science in Economic Sciences.

”Tommi Vaisalo has launched LAK forward since November 2018. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to thank Tommi for his years of service and committed work for the company,” says Timo Kokkila, Chair of the Board of Directors of LAK Real Estate Oy.

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Timo Kokkila
Chair of the Board of Directors
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