Did you know that there are 20,000 jobs at the airport? For such a large number of employees there also has to be a well-working and easily accessible occupational health care service. Mehiläinen Airport has operated already 18 years. Customer Relations Manager Hannele Bergman-Anttila says the airport needed to have a medical centre of its own to serve for the demands of the Finnish aviation company Finnair.

– We came here originally by Finnair’s request, but at the moment our airport division serves totally 300 companies operating in the area. The number of customers is growing all the time.

The majority of Mehiläinen’s customers come from companies operating at the airport, but also from the greater Vantaa area.

– It is particularly comfortable and fast to drop by the occupational health centre when it is located almost at your workplace. However, we are also within easy reach of customers from outside the airport who are our frequent customers too. If the customer arrives by car, there are lots of parking spaces available, also by train you can nowadays reach the airport even directly.

Located in the multi-functional centre TOKE, the Mehiläinen Airport offers a full range of medical services, but the main focus is on occupational health care. Bergman-Anttila states that nowadays more and more time is spent on prophylactic work such as supporting work ability and well-being and identifying risks to work ability, including matters of ergonomics.


Bergman-Anttila reminds that also air passengers are welcome as their customers.

– You can book an appointment at Mehiläinen Airport at www.mehilainen.fi/ajanvaraus or by calling 010 414 000. You can also come directly from the airport to our reception to find out if we have a vacant spot available. The Mehiläinen Airport is located in TOKE at the address Lentäjäntie 1 E, 6th floor.

Bergman-Anttila says that there is something special about working at the airport.

– I’ve been asked if I’d like to relocate to one of our other divisions, but I somehow prefer working with the people here and, of course, the nice customers. It is nice to come to work. I have even heard the customers say that, once you have arrived here, you don’t want to leave, Bergman-Anttila laughs.

Hannele Bergman-Anttila likes to work at the airport.

Hannele Bergman-Anttila is enthusiastic about the residential construction being planned for the Aviapolis airport area.

– A considerable number of the airport personnel works a couple of hours both in the morning and in the evening and have free time during the day. Wouldn’t it be great if they could live within a biking or walking distance from their workplace? We, too will monitor the situation, since with the growing population in the area we will be able to expand the services we offer.

Office space for rent at the airport

Antti Rauhala