In the office and freight terminal at Rahtitie 1 there is enough space even for larger tenants and many different demands. Setting up your business at the airport does not get any easier than this.

In the office and freight terminal at Rahtitie 1 you can rent highly functional and flexible spaces for many different uses. The facilities are beefed up with 100 parking spaces located in the parking hall and extensive yard areas which you can use, depending on the demands of your business activity.

The building’s functions can be divided into three groups: there are auxiliary spaces in the basement, logistical and storage spaces on the ground floor, and offices on the upper floors. You can use the basement either as an auxiliary space or as storages. In addition to traditional logistical use, the spaces on the ground floor include facilities for air logistics, since the building adjoins the airport apron in the longitudinal direction. The offices can be tailored into a multi-use space either for one or several users.

Basic information

Heated parking hall
Sauna spaces for rent
3 min
6 min
10 min
Antti Rauhala