LAK’s long-term tenant Veijo Karosvuo changed jobs, but not the landlord.

Headquartered in Roskilde, the Danish family-owned business Vestergaard Company A/S set up their first office in Finland in the Airside Center neighbouring the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in October. The company’s Business Support Manager Veijo Karosvuo says that, when he started at Vestergaard earlier the same year, he was supposed to work remotely from the home. Finally a decision was made that the company needed a proper office.

– Our business activity in Finland has grown so much this year that there was a clear demand for an office of our own in Finland. We have two employees here, and even though we both travel a lot, it is important that we have a place to invite the company guests, Karosvuo says.

Founded in Denmark in 1962, Vestergaard manufactures aircraft de-icing trucks, water and toilet trucks. The company has production facilities in two countries, but operations all around the world.

– We  have over 300 employees in five countries and agencies in Japan, Russia and Australia. We have delivered over 2300 machinery units to 40 countries, and the equipment servicing network operates globally. This is the kind of equipment for which reliability and the availability of fast-track professional servicing is vital, since the smooth operation of air traffic depends on this, Karosvuo explains.

Vestergaard invests strongly in product development and stays well ahead of its competitors in terms of quality.

– We want to be the best and innovate constantly to come up with new technologies to benefit our customer. As a result of the product development work, we have been able to cut the customer’s labour costs, the quantity of liquids required, and to lower the maintenance and repairs costs.

Speaking of air traffic development one cannot avoid the sustainability discussion. Also at Vestergaard’s serious improvements are made for increased sustainability. The target is to be able to manufacture zero-emissions equipment by the year 2030.

– We will be shortly testing an entirely electrically-driven chassis for the toilet and water truck which has attracted real interest among the customers. We have only just introduced a hybrid de-icing truck on the market which is being tested by the customer this winter. As I see it, all zero-emissions vehicles in ten years’ time is an entirely realistic goal.


Although Vestergaard has had an office at the Airside Center since last October, Karosvuo has collaborated with LAK a good ten years already.

  • Also my earlier employers have been tenants at LAK properties. The co-operation has been equitable and fair at all times. I have always appreciated LAK’s sincere efforts to find the very best solutions for the customer. So it was quite clear that, should LAK have a suitable space available, my tenancy would continue.
Veijo Karosvuo feels comfortable at Airside Center.

Since Karosvuo travels a lot, he can certainly appreciate the location of the Airside Center at the very Terminal 1.

– Indeed, the location of this office is ideal. In the morning I arrive by car, park it under the building, drop by at the office from where I can reach the airport security control in just 2.5 minutes. Even the minutes matter when you travel often.

The customers too are pleased with the easy access.

– The customers find it easy to come here as well, since there are lots of parking spaces in front of the building. And since our office is on the ground floor, reaching us is even more convenient. We have a rather small office, but there is a kitchen and a cosy lobby next to the office which can be used for receiving the customers.


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Antti Rauhala