Would you like to be part of Finland’s fastest growing business area and get more boost from working in international company? Could you use global air connectivity?

LAK Real Estate offers versatile office and logistical spaces in the Aviapolis area located in the proximity of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland. Our office properties include the landmark office tower WTC Helsinki Airport, the office cluster “TOKE” neighbouring it, and the Airside Center in the immediate vicinity of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport Terminal 1. All our office sites can be tailored for many different demands.

Our logistical spaces are located in the airport area. Our largest logistical property is Rahtitie 1 with over 30,000 square metres of space. Our customers on the logistical properties include DHL and TNT.

In addition to the existing office spaces, we are developing new office properties in the vicinity of the Aviapolis railway station. Our new building projects are implemented striving to satisfy the growing demand for modern multi-space offices in the area which, owing to their modular solutions, can be tailored for the changing needs of our customers. Our new office spaces are constructed to project-specific schedules and scopes, so we can certainly find a suitable project for every need. As our customer you can enjoy the support of the entire airport community, the services, the unique networking opportunities and the benefits brought by Finland’s best connectivity.


Aviapolis and the vicinity of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in particular is Finland’s fastest growing business cluster, which makes it an exceptionally attractive investment. The area boasts the best thinkable accessibility, thanks to the fast and clear connections both by air, rail and road. The flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to New York and Singapore only takes a little over eight hours. By rail, Helsinki city centre can be reached in about 30 minutes, and the main road network of the metropolitan area is only ten minutes away.

Supported by Finland’s best accessibility as mentioned above, Aviapolis will be built with some 40,000 workplaces and housing for 20,000 residents by the year 2040. The area will be turned into an international business district which will bring the entire Vantaa and metropolitan area together.

In 2018, over 20 million passengers travelled through the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There is a considerable extension being currently built to the airport facilities which will enable serving over 30 million air passengers in the near future. This will make the airport even more important a hub consolidating the traffic flows, which creates a unique operating environment for companies. In the airport surroundings the flow of information, materials and people is faster than anywhere else. This means highly efficient processes and great growth potential to companies who have picked the area for their office.


According to Leading Partner Tuomo Kautto of the law firm Aliant Suomi, the company considered three different locations for the office. The more they thought about it, the clearer it became that Aviapolis would be the one.

– At present, Aviapolis is absolutely the largest and strongest growing business area in Finland, and the authorities are handling their policies to support business quite well. Lots of our customers already work here in tech and manufacturing companies, so we wanted to get where the business is at. Our customers from outside the area don’t mind visiting us either, since the threshold of coming here is lower than downtown Helsinki. It’s not only the good connectivity and parking; the atmosphere is what counts, and the airport environment is an inspiration, no matter what you do. As an operating environment it is dynamic in every respect, Tuomo Kautto confirms.

CRM Director Hannele Bergman-Anttila of Mehiläinen Airport medical centre agrees that the airport as the workplace is unlike any other

– I’ve been asked if I’d like to relocate to one of our other divisions, but I don’t want to go anywhere from here. I’m not sure if this has to do with the special features of the airport, but I somehow prefer working with the people here and, of course, the nice customers. It is nice to come to work.  I have even heard the customers say that, once you have arrived here, you don’t want to leave, Bergman-Anttila laughs.

CRM-Service Oy wanted to move their Helsinki office to WTC Helsinki Airport, since its location, service and views had made such a great impact on the company’s vice president and financial manager who had worked at the WTC for another company many years earlier.

– Our active dealers visit us frequently in Finland or we hop on a flight to visit them. WTC is an optimal business location in many ways. It is fun inviting people over. It is easy both ways. There is certain added value about having an address in a house called the WTC which grows our international credibility, Vice President Turkka Yli-Hakala of CRM-service says.

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